Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things That Are Weird In Belgium

1. I speak my school's foreign languages fluently and can only read children's books and comics in the native language.
2. I managed to sing my way into school.
3. People are way easy on me because I come from a foreign land and whatnot.
4. Teenagers carry tobacco in their pockets and roll cigarettes on the street. If that happened in the states, they'd get cuffed right there, no questions asked, followed by hours of intense interrogation and a night in prison.
5. Ghent is a city. Like, a BIG city. It doesn't look like one at all. It's all castles and bicycles, no concrete in sight, and people smile and drive carefully.
6. I have zero concept of time. Jet lag is a bitch.
7. I'm pretty sure my host parents are hippies.
8. I had a staring contest with a rabbit today.
9. There are snails everywhere.
10. The food is pretty confusing. I eat bread at every meal, sometimes with chocolate sprinkles(hagelslag). My host parents serve me alcohol without wondering if I can handle it like a responsible person. I'm used to people thinking that teenagers + booze = pregnancy 100% of the time. Don't worry, it's just wine. Oh, the beer, obviously. I can't very well talk about Belgian food without mentioning beer. It's not bad. Then again, my host parents only buy organic, fair-trade, eco-friendly, Oxfam-sponsored light beer, but it's certainly tolerable. The strangest food-related Belgian fact is that maple syrup is only sold in health-food stores. Yep, Belgians consider it a natural sweetener only used by freaks.

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